About Us

Boat Paints was opened in 1991 in Fremantle to cater for the growing demand for technical advice in Marine Paints from the Commercial and Pleasure boat owners. Gary Martin, who trained as an Automotive Refinisher was approached by a Major Paint Manufacture to head a company that could give the right technical and application techniques to the industry, which it lacked.

Gary was in huge demand in the Americas Cup in Fremantle and then the latter Around the world Races which were known as “The Whitbread” and then later known as the “Volvo Around the World Yacht Race.”

With over 33 years experience of continuous painting and also qualified as a Coatings Inspector with the Australian Corrosion Association. Gary has achieved the status of a Master Marine Painter and continues to paint and pass on to his customers his vast knowledge in the marine paint industry.

Boat Paints supplies everything that a boat owner requires in painting their vessel. We also supply Fibreglass Materials for those who wish to repair their pride and joys. Gary has also built many fibreglass boats over the years and can advise in every aspect of the repairs and rebuilds.

Please contact us if you require any further information.